It's easy to see why so many Australians have already chosen to go with Solar.


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About No.1 Solar

No1. Solar is your locally owned and operated Sunraysia Solar supply and installation company!  At No1. Solar we focus on providing customers with professional and local reputable services with high quality products. No1. Solar offers dedicated after sales and follow up, from our friendly team, that are only a phone call away.

We can provide you with solar solutions for both commercial and residential properties within Sunraysia and regional Australia.  Our No.1 Solar team will work with you to custom design a system that will best suit your power usage, and ongoing requirements ensuring you will receive the best possible savings.

No.1 Solar strive to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies giving piece of mind that you have the latest and best possible solar products on the market.

Benefits of Solar

Control Energy Costs

With solar you can secure predictable electricity costs for years to come.

Help The Environment

Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal.

Energy Independence

Clean solar energy provides us with an unlimited, reliable source of energy.


Solar gives your family peace of mind that’s affordable and reliable.

Why should your home be powered by clean energy?

Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. The processes used for fossil fuels are invasive and they destroy the environment, once they are excavated they cannot be reused whereas energy from the sun is infinite as well as free for everyone.

Solar power systems create clean, pure energy from the sun. By using clean, pure energy you are combatting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our dependence on fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is a limited resource, it’s limited availability means that traditional energy prices are going to continue to rise.

By purchasing solar you can make huge cost savings in comparison to traditional energy. If you buy a system and pay it back with electricity savings you will eventually get to the point after a few years where your solar panels will actually pay for themselves.

Solar energy is renewable, meaning that no matter what we cannot run out of solar energy as long as the sun is alive.

Solar energy is not noisy. There are no parts that create a sound in almost all applications of solar power.

Solar panels require no maintenance other than a few cleans per year.

With a 25 year performance warranty on the solar panels you can be assured your system will be saving you money for a long time to come

All our installs come with a 5 year workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.

If you have an existing system, we can also add extra panels, upgrade your existing panels or inverters and install additional monitoring systems.

How solar energy systems work:

  1. Solar panels collect the sunlight and turn it into DC Voltage.
  2. Cables take this voltage to the inverter which converts DC to AC voltage which is the same power that is used in our homes or businesses.
  3. AC cables take the power from the inverter into your switchboard which allows the power produced to supply any loads you may have running at that given time. i.e lights, fridge, TV etc.
  4. Excess power that is produced from your solar system and is not being used on your property is sent through your meter back to the electricity grid, in most cases this is where you are able to receive a credit per kW you return into the grid from your retailer.

Why Solar??

Homes today are faced with the ever increasing cost of power, which continues to effect the hip pocket.

Now is the perfect time to install commercial/residential solar.  That’s why more and more homes are making the smart choice to switch to solar energy.

Over 2.5 million Australians are now living in a home with a set of solar panels on the roof.

Providing our customers with high quality Tier One Solar Products

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